Great Escape Fire Escape Service Services

Annual Fire Escape Inspection - Section 908

Fire Escapes shall be kept clear and unobstructed and be readily accessible at all times. We at Great Escape Fire Escape Service will inspect, lower and lubricate and make sure that all fire escapes are fully operational and properly maintained. Upon completion, all existing fire escapes shall be secured pursuant to Section 1110.3.1 of the San Francisco code.

Type of Ladders

- Accordion - Weight Shift - Large Sectional - Pole Ladder

Five Year Inspection - Section 604

Affidavit Required - All wood and metal decks, balconies, landings, exit corridors, stairway systems, guardrails, handrails, fire escapes or an parts that are weather exposed on the building shall be inspected by a licensed general contractor, or a structural pest control licensee or a licensed professional architect or engineer verifying that the exit system, corridor, balcony, deck or any part thereof is in general safe condition and in adequate working order and free from hazardous dry rot, fungus, deterioration, decay, or improper alteration. Property owners shall provide proof of compliance with this section by submitting an affidavit from (provided by the Department) signed by the responsible inspector to the Housing Inspection Service Division every five years. - Please contact us if you require an referral. -

Maintenance of Means of Egress - Section 1030

Fire escapes and related balconies, ladders, landings and operating devices shall not be obstructed in any manner. No object shall be stored on or attached to a fire escape without the approval of the fire code official.

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